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    Why, and how often you need to clean your carpets?

    Why, and how often you need to clean your carpets?

    Many homeowners and renters believe vacuuming their carpets on a regular basis keeps them clean. Here are some of the most important reasons you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned:

    Vacuum cleaners don’t pick up everything.

    Vacuuming does pick up some of the most obvious dirt, but invisible toxins, allergens, dust mites, insect feces, and other bacteria lie beneath your vacuums reach. Bacteria from dropped food and drinks can live for up to four weeks in your carpets. In fact, vacuuming or even walking across your carpets can stir up these substances into the air.

    Your children and pets breathe in unhealthy air over your carpets.

    As we mentioned before, walking or in your baby’s case, crawling across the floor stirs up the dust, dirt, and bacteria into the air. Children and pets have their faces closer to the ground, so they’re most likely breathing in most of the unhealthy air from your carpets.

    Your vacuum doesn’t dry up moisture.

    If you live in a humid area, mold can often build up in the most moisture-prone areas of your carpeting. The average residential home or commercial property isn’t equipped with low moisture cleaning methods, which we at Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning have available to work with.

    So how often should you clean your carpets?

    We recommend you vacuum the surface dirt from your carpeting a couple times each week and call a professional to deep clean your carpets every 9-12 months. This maintenance will not only keep your carpets cleaner, but also help them last longer as well!

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