Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. We strive to provide a quality, eco-friendly service with excellent standards.

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    Eco Friendly


    Low moisture carpet cleaning is a relatively newer process, especially when compared to how long water extraction carpet cleaning has been around.  Low moisture carpet cleaning like the process we use here at Quick Dry Carpet utilizes several steps to clean your carpet. Many people wonder which carpet cleaning techniques are better – hot water extraction carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning, sometimes referred to as steam carpet cleaning cleaning, can over saturate your carpet as well as often have abrasive chemicals that are not as eco friendly, and has more of a chance to cause mold. While low moisture carpet cleaning, is a process with less water usage, environmentally friendly applications, and less time to execute a wonderfully efficient cleaning job. The benefit to our low moisture system is simple. Less wait, more eco friendly, and extremely dependable for your carpet cleaning needs.