Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. We strive to provide a quality, eco-friendly service with excellent standards.

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    We strive every day to find more methods and ways by which we can help our clients. New deals, discounts and offers are introduced nonstop. We don’t just focus on carpet cleaning-though that is our aim-we also try to provide additional services that leave your entire house looking fresh and dry.


    Please see our FAQ to answer any questions about our service details and our commitment to our clients. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries!

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    Our One-Year Commitment To You


    It is our most excellent offer. It opens the possibility of enjoying our unique carpet cleaning service for a whole year, unlimited at a reduced price. As a user of this offer, we clean your carpets, upholstery, etc. at the affordable price of $10 per area with a slight trip charge.


    It’s rather simple, really. Anyone who spends $130 or more on their initial purchase of carpet cleaning services with Quick dry Carpet Cleaning will immediately be issued a certificate announcing their right to use this offer to their advantage on the areas previously cleaned by us! You can use this offer as many times as you like throughout the year! By making you a member of this special offer, we promise you a huge discount on your carpet cleaning needs throughout the year!

    Area Rugs

    Our cleaning process is customized for each individual rug removing risks of dye bleeding, cross contamination, shrinkage, or damage – while eliminating stains, odors, and contaminates. Our rug cleaning process starts with inspection followed by dusting. This is important as grit deeply embedded can act as sand paper causing deterioration and damage to the foundation of the rug and needs to be removed before wetting the rug.

    Odor Neutralization

    We know that residents of Tennessee love and spoil their pets, so naturally where there are pets, mud and drool, smells are common. The nasty odors brought in by your pets can become a constant irritation if not dealt with. Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning uses expert cleansing solutions and machines that remove dirty smells and leave a pleasant fragrance setting.

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    We use special eco-friendly solutions that quickly dry your carpets and remove all dust-attracting particles in them. This results in long-lasting, fresh carpets. Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning tries to have your carpets dry within 1-2 hours. This saves you time, and shows the fact that we conserve as much water as we can in our cleaning procedures.

    We follow the industry’s safety standards in our cleaning methods and during furniture migration. All furniture is moved with the exception of heavy, breakable items, including china cabinets, pianos, heavy book cases, beds, large dining tables, dressers, or any electronic equipment including tv’s, stereos or computers.

    Carpet Repair Service

    Technicians at Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning are extremely capable of not only cleaning your carpets, but also repairing any damages or tears. This reduces the chance of you wasting your money over new carpet when the old one could have easily been repaired. We can repair any:

    -Claw Marks
    -Burn Holes
    -Wax Stains
    -Loose Fibers
    -Make Up Stains
    -Corrosive Stains
    -Decolorized Areas
    -Lumps, Snags, or Swells

    We can replace your rusted or broken tack strips and install carpet tack strips of high quality that insure sturdy wall to wall placement and leave your carpets tight and wrinkle-free. We also provide carpet power stretching. This includes using an ideal and secure machine that can safely stretch your carpet to make it smooth and ripple free.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Our commercial services branch out to large or small local businesses, office buildings, etc. of Southeast Tennessee. Our expert technicians can deal with all cubicle, flooring, or furniture cleaning with your building. We adopt the same approach, take the same care and utilize the same cleaning solutions and procedures as you would expect in any of our standard projects of apartment buildings, condos, etc.

    You can opt for carpet cleaning and repair, tile cleaning, odor control or furniture cleaning for your office building. All the same services are offered commercially with the exception of the ” One Year Commitment To You” program. Quick dry Carpet Cleaning offers a FREE DEMONSTRATION of it’s unique services during your first order. This includes cleaning 100 square feet of your carpeted area at no charge and with no other purpose than to gain your trust as a potential client.
    *It is to be noted that it only applies to clients with over 1,000 square feet in carpeting.

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Our experts can inspect, clean, and seal your tiled floors. They can remove the irritating stains left on your flooring after renovations, construction etc. The tiles and flooring can consist of
    -Shower Areas

    This service involves the scrubbing of your tiled floors efficiently to extreme perfection. This results in shiny, smooth and buffed tiles. This also removes any stain marks on your floor. Grout stains are the foulest ones to remove. You may think they require heavy chemicals, but we deal with them using a safe and easy method that quickly removes them and inhibits their smell.

    Furniture Cleaning

    Refreshing and maintaining your furniture is also included in our job description. We know how best to revitalize your sofas and cushions. We focus on returning the furniture to it’s original state by preserving its color, sustaining it’s quality and increasing it’s durability. Furniture cleaning at QuickDry Carpet Cleaning is all about refreshing and preserving your various furniture. Our technicians are extremely reliable and handle your upholstery with the proper care. Our technique helps to remove any harsh particles that can tear or stain your furniture. Ultimately your upholstery is left fresh and stain-free.